Daily Step – You. Are. Loved.


Do you believe that you are loved?

Do you believe that you are loved even if you mess up? forget things? struggle? fail?

I believe that there is a constant refrain we are offered each day by the One who loves us no matter what. 

Just three simple words: I love you.

I imagine God will repeat them every second of every day until we can feel the truth of them. Every time we offer a statement that starts with “But, Lord”, God is there to offer a refrain of love over and over again.

So if you are struggling right now in any way and need a reminder of how God responds, this poem may be for you.


“I love you…”

But, Lord, 
I messed up.
I forgot 
to pay that bill,
sign that paper,
make that appointment, 
argue my d$!m taxes in time.

“I love you still…”

But, Lord, 
I failed. 
I didn’t
get that award,
sign that deal, 
win that contest,
live up to my “great potential.”

“I love you still, now…”

But, Lord, 
I’m struggling. 
I can’t 
exercise the courage, 
summon the energy, 
practice the forgiveness,
take that proverbial “leap of faith”.

“I love you still, now and forever…”

But, Lord…

I start again, 
but this time, 
You stop me…

“But, child…
I love you still, 
now and forever, 
even when you mess up, 
even when you fail, 
even when you struggle.
Can you please just
have a little faith in me?”

I open my mouth 
to respond,

But, Lord…

Yet once again,
You stop me:

“But, child…
know that
when I look at you, 
I don’t see 
the messes, 
the failures, 
the struggles. 
I see 
only Light.”

“Oh, my dear, 
sweet child,
how I wish
you would let

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