Daily Step – I just want “the” list… don’t you?”

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I want a list.

A list, directly from God, with all the right moves.

Don’t you?

I mean, with free will and all, I suspect I won’t be getting that list anytime soon.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna pray for it.

So if you, like me, want that list… this prayer is for you.


One day 
not too long ago
as I headed 
into work,
I prayed 
the most earnest 
of prayers:
I begged,
“When I enter
my office today,
please let me find
on my desk
a list.”

I paused then
waiting for the light
to finally turn green, 
before I lifted my foot
from the brake
and continued:
“Please, Lord,
may I find
upon my desk
THE list that details
exactly what 
you want 
me to do.”

And as I 
finally entered
the lot lit only 
by my headlights,
I continued my 
most desperate plea
with a few conditions,
of course:
“And make sure to
number it, Lord,
with a one,
and then a two.

don’t be shy,
use as many numbers
as it will take
to list ALL the steps.”

As I turned off the car,
and sat still for a minute
I saw that list,
clear as day,
sitting right 
upon my desk
and I continued:
”Lord, I promise,
I’ll follow that list
to a T
if only I could be 
so blessed
to find it waiting
there for me.”

I guess
it isn’t fair though,
to make God 
do all the work.

I guess,
it isn’t fair though,
to make God
solve it all for me.

But still,
don’t ya think 
I just HAD to ask…
don’t ya think 
WE all do…
just in case
that precious list
finds it’s way 
upon our desk
after all.

Truth is, though,
whether we like it 
or not,
we already know
what that list 
will say.

We just aren’t yet
brave enough yet
to get started
on that
number one.

So maybe
the better prayer 
would be:
help me
to begin.”

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