Daily Step – How good is your balance?


Have you ever tried to balance on just one foot?

Have you ever tried to FEEL balanced when only some of your life has been figured out?

Maybe you’ve got parenthood wrapped up, but you are struggling professionally.

Or maybe you’re the best at what you do, but you are trying to figure out friendships.

Or maybe you are the most prepared human being out in the world, but your home is an absolute pigsty.

So often, I imagine, we are stuck with one foot planted and one hovering out in space trying to figure out how it ALL can be solid.

So whether you just are struggling in that yoga or barre class to stand on one leg without crashing down…

or you are trying to do the same in life right now…

This poem is for you.


I thought I’d feel 
maybe even
a bit stable 
once I had 
one foot
firmly planted 
on solid ground.

But the truth is
finding your balance
on just one foot is

One foot feels secure,
sure of it’s purpose,
confident of its role,
while the other foot
is left
hanging out there
uncertain and insecure,
floating in midair.

I know this exercise
is supposed to
make me 

I know this exercise
is supposed to 
teach me

But I don’t FEEL
or wiser
right here
in the midst.

I know I 
am supposed to
DO things
to help myself
stay upright.

tighten my abs.

pick a focal point.

practice a little trust.

But try telling that
to the mind 
that just won’t
shut off.

Try telling that 
to mind that
continues its
aimless search
for solid ground 
upon which BOTH
feet can rest.

though I may falter
and lose my balance
and fall to the ground
while waiting for that
second foot 
to regain 
its rightful place,
I’m going to try
and balance here anyway
on this one stable foot 
and practice a little more 

For I have been told
that’s truly
the only way
to grow.

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