Daily Step – Beware of the cheetah!


Do you jump to conclusions?

Do you escalate things in your head before anything has actually happened?

When you are resting in the in-between or battling unknowns, do you run through multiple scenarios of what could go epically wrong in your head?

Oh boy, I do.

Here’s a little fun poem I wrote to remind me (and you if you need it):

Let’s take a beat and concentrate only on what we KNOW to be true in the moment.

And for gosh sakes, beware of the cheetah!


I sent a text 
just yesterday 
that got 
no immediate 

So, of course,
my mind
went absolutely

First I thought
there must have been
some random glitch 
that showed
the text
while really 
my words
were just
hanging out
in the great, big
invisible “cloud”.

And then,
of course,
I couldn’t help 
but imagine that 
while the text
was hanging out 
DEEP in space,
a big, orange, 
and very hungry 
cheetah dashed 
across the sky.

It seemed plausible
after all.

I figured 
this hungry,
and maybe even 
lonely cheetah
entered the “cloud”
and quickly devoured 
each and every letter
of each and every word
until my text
was nothing more
than a few 
stray punctuation marks.

It seemed quite probable
after all.

So I debated
do I send 
the text again?

After all, 
like me,
the recipient 
didn’t see that
big, orange,
terribly hungry cheetah

But just as I 
started retyping 
the first few 
incredibly important 
and oh so urgent 

I saw a reply.

A short
but quite


And all was right
with the world.

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