Daily Step – When words fail…


How often do you long to hear God’s voice ring clear above all the noise surrounding you?

How often do you wish to hear God’s love, hope, and blessing spoken right into your ear?

But even when you can’t, does some part of you still know that’s what God wants to offer you?

If you are new to me, you might not know that my oldest son is deaf. You might also not know that he was hard of hearing since birth but we didn’t finally get him diagnosed til he was 5. 

This poem stems from those early days and the love we all feel deep inside even when words fail.


I know now,
my sweet boy,
that when you were just 
a tiny baby 
resting gently 
in my arms,
you couldn’t 
hear the words
I held and spoke  
just for you.

Oh, how it must have felt
to only GUESS 
at all I tried 
so desperately
to share!

Oh, how it must have felt
to not know for sure
if it was
only words of love 
whispered gently
into your baby ears!

Oh, how it must have felt…
truth is,
I’ll never know 
for sure.

Instead, I can only wonder
if deciphering
my voice 
felt for you 
like trying to decipher 
God’s voice 
feels for me.

To be honest,
my dear boy,
God’s voice in my heart 
is often muffled.

To be honest,
my sweet child,
God’s voice is 
often so hard to discern 
among all the voices
shouting their truth
loudly in my ears.

And, more often 
than not,
God’s words for me are 
hopelessly jumbled,
mixed up,
and drowned out 
by my own.

But here’s the truth
as I know it
my lovely son,
MY words to YOU
were always 
words of love,
and hope,
and blessing

both then AND now.

And despite the confusion,
the mixed up messages,
the mangled mess of my words
trying so desperately 
and yet failing 
so miserably 
to reach your heart
through your ears,

You knew.

You felt
every bit of my love,
every breath of my hope,
every ounce of my blessing
somewhere deep
inside of you.

I know
because I feel 
every bit of God’s love,
every breath of God’s hope,
every ounce of God’s blessing
somewhere deep
inside of me…

in the place 
where words may fail

but truth…
truth always
finds a way.

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