Daily Step – Don’t put that pen down!


How many times have you given up on a creative dream?

Put your pencil down, closed your laptop, washed off your paint brush and said “no more!”

Yesterday, one of my boys ran to me and said:

“Mom, my brother doesn’t want to draw anymore. He says it’s too hard. He says he’s tired of making mistakes.”

“He’s afraid he’s never going to be good enough.”

It was true, that’s exactly what he was feeling that day. I watched him put down his materials for a bit and sit with the feeling of “not enough.” 

How often have I felt that feeling! How often has it had me put my pen away and say “maybe this is someone else’s to do.”

But it’s not, is it?

Because there are things that ONLY I can create with the voice and experience and mind and heart that I have.

And there are things that ONLY you can create as well.

I was so proud later when, unprompted I saw him pick back up his sketch pad in the car and try again.

Even more proud when he held up his sketch pad and said “I did it!” with an epic smile.

It helped me pick back up and write these words last night.


Who am I to tell
THIS story?

Who am I to capture
THIS feeling?

Who am I to believe
MY words have power?

Oh my,
how these questions
plague me!

Oh my,
how often they stall 
my pen above
the page!

That is until
I hear a voice
from somewhere
deep inside
inviting me to consider
one last question:

“Who are you
NOT to?”

This is THE question
that stirs
my tired 
and weary 

This is THE question
that quiets all the rest
and allows my pen
to touch down 
once again
upon the page…

to write 
THE story

and capture
THE feeling

in the MOST
powerful words

that only I 
was meant
to write.

May you never give up on your dreams.

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