Daily Step – Hold out for the quiet miracles.


Today is the Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary. It’s one of the many feasts dedicated to Mary throughout the liturgical year.

During my work through the fourth week of the Spiritual Exercises, my spiritual director invited me to consider Mary meeting Jesus after the Resurrection.

I’ve always considered myself awful at imaginative prayer. But I’ve learned through this time with the Exercises that I can imagine the scenes – if I write them out.

Pen to paper, fingers to keyboard – that’s where my faith comes alive for me.

Knowing this about myself reminds me that everyone’s method of prayer is a little different. As it should be – we all are unique after all and so is our relationship with God.

Today on this Marian feast, I thought I’d share with you an excerpt of what I wrote down about that wonderful meeting – one that very well could have happened despite never being written down.

Here’s an excerpt:

“If I let my imagination go there, it seems obvious that Jesus would visit his mom at some point after his Resurrection. It might even have been the first thing he did. It seems obvious to me that he would do it quietly, out of sight of anyone who would want to document it later. I imagine Jesus would desire this to be a precious moment shared only with his mom. When I picture this scene, my heart recognizes that this was a quiet miracle reserved just for her.

To me, Jesus meeting Mary was like any time God whispers to us instead of shouting. It’s like the appearance of God, not in the wind, the fire, and the great earthquakes (those naturally big spectacles that everyone can see for miles around) but in a tiny whisper entering one set of ears on a quiet night. (1 Kings 19:11–12)”

I hope you click this link and read the whole thing. I’d love to hear your thoughts as well.

May their be quiet miracles reserved just for you today.

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