Daily Step – What questions are you asking right now?


What questions are you asking right now?
What answers do you seek?

This morning, I’m taking my three sons to get their hearing checked. My oldest has moderate to severe hearing loss and wears aids in both ears. The other two have demonstrated some mild loss before that doesn’t need to be aided, so we check periodically to see where that’s going. 

Because of his aids, my oldest has had many hearing tests over the past 18 months. My twins haven’t had theirs checked since before the pandemic. I’m very curious as to what the tests today will show.

Will there be answers to questions I don’t even know I’m asking?

I’m always super diligent about hearing tests and paying attention to the results. I’m always persistent in asking questions. That’s because we didn’t know about my oldest son’s loss for the first five years of his life even though we had several hearing tests. Bad results were always dismissed. And everything going on with him was ALWAYS mistaken for something else. 

Back then I had a LOT of unanswered questions. I needed and demanded answers. I wished for answers that would solve every question in my heart.

And it’s true that eventually having some concrete answers made all the difference in his life and ours. 

But you know one thing I discovered in the years since?

Even when you have found THE answers, there are always more questions.

It’s so hard to let go of my wish for THE answer that will stop all the questions…. THE answer that will solve everything.

But relentlessly pursing THE answer to every question in your heart doesn’t leave much room for faith.

So this morning my prayer is that I (and you as well) learn to love the questions a little more… 

And that I (we) have patience to live gradually into the answers whenever they may come.

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  1. Pat Hammarth says:

    I love this quote from Rilke and your reflection. Thank you, Gretchen !

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