Daily Step – Keep some room in your heart…


Keep some room in your heart…

Yesterday, in my journey through the Spiritual Exercises, I was contemplating several passages where Jesus gathers His companions.

There are those apostles who seek Jesus out. They say “Hey, we’ve been looking all over for you. Can we come with you?” But there are also those who are just going about their ordinary lives, their jobs. There are those who are living the life they thought they’d always live and then… here comes a man who says “Drop all of it and come with me.” An unimaginable occurrence for sure.

I wonder if they held room in their heart for the unimaginable. I wonder if that’s how they were able to say yes with seemingly no initial hesitation. I wonder if they were the kind of people who looked at the wonders of the world around them and said “How are these even possible?” and yet needed no answer to the question to gaze upon them with gratitude.

I, on the other hand, am not too comfortable with the unimaginable. 

Last week, my oldest asked me to imagine if the dinosaurs came back. He said “Wouldn’t that be awesome?” I immediately discredited the idea: “Look, I’ve seen Jurassic Park… no good comes from the dinosaurs coming back.” Way to crush the dream, mom. He was not discouraged: “Maybe this time it’ll all be okay. It’s just cool to think about.”

Leave room in your heart for the unimaginable … room for Jesus to show up and ask you to drop everything and come. What results of that invitation and your yes to it may be even more incredible than an eight year old’s dream of dinosaurs roaming the 21st century earth.

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