Daily Step – The tooth fairy messed up, y’all.


The tooth fairy fell off her game last night.

This morning when I woke up the twins, I was surprised by one twin running (instead of straight to the table as is his habit) over to his brother’s bed. The boys worked together to lift up the pillow and look under it. Still confused as to what exactly was happening, I watched the excitement fade from both of their faces as they stared at the little red box sitting just under the pillow. 

“Mom, she didn’t come!” 

“Who didn’t….” Oh, the tooth fairy didn’t come.

I sighed wondering what exactly to say. I admit it, I took the easy way out. “Oh no, the tooth fairy didn’t come? I’ll have to call her today and let her know how disappointed you were by her mistake! I’m sure she’ll come tonight.” That’s right – I blamed the fairy. 

Later as I was getting dressed for work, the newly toothless twin burst into my room with renewed excitement. “Mom, I figured it out! There are four reasons why the tooth fairy didn’t come.”

This’ll be good, I thought. 

And honestly, they were some really good reasons.

The four reasons the tooth fairy didn’t come according to my six year old:

  1. She ran out of time.
  2. She ran out of money.
  3. She thought it was a trap.
  4. She didn’t think the tooth was really in the box.

“So mom, when you call her, please reassure her that it’s not a trap and the tooth is in the box ready when she is.”

Wow, that was exactly the example of resilience I needed this morning. How often can I be disappointed by someone and let that disappointed seep into me and color the rest of my day? How often am I willing to give others the benefit of the doubt and see that their actions might have had causes other than just to disappoint me?

Today, my prayer is for the grace of resilience and perspective. May I be willing to give others the benefit of the doubt and not let the small disappointments weigh down my day.

Oh and pray for that fairy, y’all. She needs to be back on her game tonight or there might be no bouncing back.

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  1. Michael Earsing says:

    While your tooth fairy suffers from something on your list our tooth fairy had a different issue. Our tooth fairy mistook a ten dollar bill for a 1 dollar bill. This caused a temporary crisis in the tooth fairy world economy. It was corrected on subsequent tooth fairy actions. In fairness the tooth fairy had a late day at work and got home after the recipients were long asleep. He didn’t want to wake the children so he did his work in the dark. He learned from his mistake. 🙂

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