Daily Step – You’ll never know until you try.


10 years ago this week, my then boyfriend challenged me to climb a mountain. 

And not just any mountain – one that was so steep you felt like you were almost rock climbing by the time you got to the top.

I wrote about this experience over a year ago for Loyola Press’s dotmagis blog. Here’s an excerpt:

“The first part of the incline was not bad. We were stepping on flat logs that were spaced much like an ordinary staircase. It was long and it was hot, but it was doable. There is a halfway point where one can easily go back down the mountain if feeling like giving up, but as we passed that point, it still did not seem so bad. So we kept on going. As we continued to climb, however, the logs got closer together. Eventually, instead of climbing while standing upright, I was laying against the logs, reaching up a hand to grab a railway tie and pull myself up, nervous I was going to go tumbling down the side. Several times I sat and thought seriously about my sanity. Why was I doing this? I also sat and contemplated whether or not I could just go back down to that halfway point. Unfortunately, I was told it was safer to keep going up.

I am scared of heights, and this was high. I could see how steep it was below me, and I wanted to give up so many times along the way. Eventually, however, I pulled myself up to the top. And then I stood there, looking down and thinking, “I cannot believe I just did that.” I stood looking across the broad horizon and thought I had never seen such a beautiful view. And it was at the top of the mountain that my husband knelt down and proposed.”

Earlier this week, I posted about how we can do hard things… that we are all stronger than we think. But oh how many times we forget that along the way.

I forgot that 10 years ago I faced my fears and climbed this mountain. And in those 10 years, I’ve experienced more challenges that make that mountain look like nothing more than a small hill. 

We all have. 

May today you be reminded once again that you can do hard things. May you know that God is right there doing them alongside of you. Never underestimate yourself (I write these words as much for me as I do for you). 

You won’t know what you are capable of until you try.

Oh and happy engagement anniversary Joey Crowder. Maybe one day I’ll climb another real mountain with you…

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