Daily Step – How do you wake up in the morning?


How do you wake up in the morning?

Every morning after I get myself situated for the day, I go to wake up my boys. They all three have such unique ways of waking up. One of them always needs several reminders to get out of bed. He just looks so cozy like he could stay wrapped up in his blankets forever. One of them gets up right away but takes a second to yawn and stretch before calmly walking to the breakfast table. The third one? He jolts out of bed going from laying down to standing up straight so quickly I never fully see the transition. With his eyes still semi-closed, he runs almost straight-legged to the table and sits down in front of his breakfast. A couple days ago, his semi-closed eyes meant he collided on his run to the kitchen with the wall. He just said “Ow” and kept on going, not missing a beat to the table.

So, how do you wake up in the morning? Are you a “I’m just gonna need a few more minutes here” kinda person? Or one who enters the day carefully, stretching out all your limbs to ensure they are still working before using them? Or do you rocket out of bed in one fell swoop ready to get this day started? 

I think there is value in all ways of waking up – each one unique to the person about to enter their day.

One thing I do hope for my boys, for me, and for you, is that no matter what way we get out of bed, we enter our day intending to be kind, intending to be grateful, intending to be empathetic, intending to be… hopeful. No matter how our intentions play out in the end, simply having the intentions right when the light first hits our pillow can make all the difference.

May God recognize our intentions today and shower us with grace as we attempt to follow through with them.

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