Daily Step – What new skill do you want to learn in 2021?


I am learning a new skill.

I was a little bored this week. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have a list of things I NEED to do… but our heater is broken and so snuggling under a pile of blankets near our one space heater has left me pushing most of my to-do list aside. (Until today it was not actually that cold but still – it feels like a good excuse to capitalize on).

One can only watch so many Netflix shows though before one feels like their brain is turning to mush. So, inspired by some great digital artists I follow on Instagram, I downloaded procreate (a digital art platform) on my iPad and bought an off-brand pencil. For the first couple days, I just messed around and produced some really awful junk. Turns out, one can not just become a digital artist because one wants to and has the right tools. 

Yesterday, I searched the web for free classes on procreate and found one that is pretty comprehensive from @everytuesday. The first project was to build a letter. Now instead of just stumbling through trying to create some art on my own – I followed her directions step by step and created something beautiful. I still can’t believe it actually worked!

Sometimes you can’t just stumble through something all alone.

Sometimes you need others to help you along the way.

As the year ends today, I worry about how I’ll enter 2021. Will I dive right into new goals with both feet only to get discouraged by the results? Or will I take the time to gain the knowledge I need to make new goals happen? Will I be patient with myself when the first try doesn’t quite work out? Will I get up and try again? Will I keep searching for the support I need?

My prayer this morning for you and for me is that we enter 2021 tomorrow quietly, reflectively. May we recognize that we can’t solve everything all at once. May we understand that we can’t do everything alone. May we recognize that failures are necessary steps along the way. 

And may we never, never give up before we see what we are capable of.

(If you are interested in learning digital drawing using procreate visit https://every-tuesday.com – and if you have more sites I should check out, please let me know!)

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