Daily Step – Mary’s Most Important Yes


Glimmers of hope can seep into the darkness in so many small, beautiful ways.

It may be that someone says an unexpected kind word that stops you from the trap of self-deprecation. You may be admonishing yourself for the mistakes you’ve made thus far that day and, out of nowhere, someone says a few simple words that lets you know they see you and they value you.

It may be that some offers you a different perspective on a problem. Just when you think you’ve exhausted all angles, someone shines a little beam of light on one darkened corner you previously overlooked.

It may be that someone offers you the one thing that reminds you it’s all going to be okay.

We all need that don’t we.

Just a faint glimmer of hope in our worst moments… a faint glimmer of hope that reminds us that Jesus is, in fact, on His way once again.

For me, the words I uttered to my son not too long ago and repeat internally almost daily now were a glimmer of hope… for me and (man I hope) for him: “Don’t give up on yourself because I will not give up on you.”

These are the words that encapsulate what I believe to be Mary’s most profound yes to Jesus from his conception til his death on the cross. These are the words God whispers in each of our ears daily if we really listen. These are the words we need to be saying to each other right now in the midst of the hardest year. 

These are the words we need to believe are true deep inside of our souls and the words we need to say to others until they become a part of the fabric of their existence as well.

These words are our glimmer of hope that lights up even the darkest night.

My prayer this morning is that someone shows up for you today. May you feel deep inside that someone is cheering for you and let that fuel how you cheer for yourself.

For more on what I call Mary’s (and our) most important yes, go on over and check out my latest for Into the Deep here.

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