Daily Step – A Thanksgiving Examen


Happy Thanksgiving!

I just came home from buying some donuts for my boys. Of course, they are starting the day in time out already so it might be a little before they get to enjoy them. 

It’s the first time I’ve gone to the donut shop in awhile and it just felt like a nice thing to do on this unusual holiday. Later we will attempt to cook turkey, ham, and side dishes in our two tiny little ovens. I’m sure they’ll be some microwave reheating going on as we try and coordinate the dishes. Soon after I’ll regret that free large turkey I got from Kroger that seemed like such a great idea last Saturday. I’ll remember there are only five of us, three of which would prefer to live on donuts!

I know this holiday looks a little unusual for all of us. Even if we did go somewhere, it carries with it the precautions we’ve come to accept as a part of our existence and the internal knowledge that the pandemic isn’t over yet.

But the good news is that God isn’t done working yet either. There is still so much beauty and extraordinary things coming for each of us if we open our eyes and hearts to look for them. 

Today as we celebrate a day of gratitude, let us pause and engage in an examen together so we can find God readily and easily in our day ahead.

Invite the Holy Spirit to enter our hearts and minds as we begin.

What are we grateful for today?

What has brought us light and hope so far this week?

Where has light and hope been more difficult to find?

Is there anything we need to ask forgiveness for as we begin this day? Any lingering regrets we need to let go of?

Where can we intentionally look for God the rest of this day? How can we invite God into our experiences this Thanksgiving?

God, as we end the examen, let us remember that you are always with us, loving us into existence every second of every day.


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! (And for my non-US friends – have a wonderful Thursday!)

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