Daily Step – Who would you like God to bless today?


I read this prayer called “God bless the world” this morning and I felt compelled to add my own blessing intentions to it. Things that are on my mind this morning:

God bless the people who are holding their personal struggles inside, let them feel seen today by others and give them the vocabulary to share those struggles with those who can help them.

God bless the children who may sit quietly today in their classrooms or in front of their computers afraid to admit they don’t understand, help them find their voice and inspire those who care for them to be their advocate.

God bless all who are feeling anxious or overwhelmed right now, help them feel Your love and let it bring peace to their hearts.

God bless all in positions of leadership who struggle to know how to use their platform in a way that serves others well, inspire their hearts and minds with the Divine wisdom they seek that only You can offer.

God bless all those in the midst of critical discernment, help them to believe in and trust the voice they hear deep inside moving them forward.

And God bless all of you with whatever you need right now to get up and take on the day ahead. You’ve got this.

Who would you like God to bless today?

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