Daily Step – I won’t give up on you…


Don’t give up on yourself because I will not give up on you.

These words came out of my mouth after a somewhat emotional struggle with my oldest over some academic work. Honestly, they were as much a reminder to myself as they were a reminder to him. I said them over and over as I hugged him and felt the tears well up beyond my control. And they were the absolute truth.

I may get frustrated.

I may not understand.

But I won’t give up.

I think a lot of us need to hear these words today. I know that people are hurting, people are suffering, people are feeling isolated and alone.

I know that people are giving up on themselves.

And perhaps to keep going, all they need is just to hear someone say the words “Don’t give up on yourself because I won’t give up on you.”

Maybe no one is saying this to you right now and you desperately need to hear it. But please, please don’t wait on people to say what you need to hear. We are flawed. We are often too cautious. We get… distracted. 

But God. 

God is not flawed or too cautious and God never gets distracted. Even if you don’t hear God saying it in words your ears can take in, the message is there for you to absorb:

Don’t give up on yourself because I will never give up on you.

Hear these words if you need them today. Say them to another if you feel so inspired. But no matter what, please know the truth of them deep inside. 

There is always someone rooting for you.

Just keep moving…

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