Daily Step – Just keep moving.


I had that kind of night last night.

You know the kind. Where you start off perfectly content and somehow end up spiraling down into wondering if you ruined your children for life? The kind of night where the little things become the big things become the INSURMOUNTABLE things.

It was the kind of night where one also ends up admonishing themselves for every little thing they should have been doing better during the last six months.

And even as your rational brain shrieks at you “It’s a freakin’ once in a lifetime pandemic!Take it easy, Gretchen!” your irrational brain grabs hold of your shoulders and shouts right into your ears: “But still you could’ve…”

Just me?

Come on. I’m guessing you’ve had one or more nights like that over the last six months. And there probably will be more to come.

So what do you do with the memory of a night like that in the light of a brand new day?

You take a breath. You stand back up. You remind yourself “It’s a freakin’ once in a lifetime pandemic and you are doing the best you can!” And you keep on moving.

You know what’s helping me keep moving today? My seven year old woke up early and decided to independently make everyone’s lunches. He’s currently talking himself through making everyone’s unique sandwich. 

When did he get so mature?

Maybe everything will be okay after all. (I choose to ignore that the other two are currently loudly doing a comedy routine about the toilet when they all should still be sleeping… but I’ll take what I can get).

This morning, my prayer for you and for me is that we can stand in the light of truth and let it warm and comfort us. And what’s the truth? 

We are loved.

No. Matter. What.

So live in that truth today and let’s all get some rest this weekend.

After all, it’s a freakin’ once in a lifetime pandemic and we’ve earned some rest!

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