Daily Step – You’re it!


Every week I’m part of an Examen group that invites us to think about our intentions for the week. This week, I mentioned my intentions followed by the somewhat selfish desire to just have some unexpected tidbit of good happen for me this week.

I even mentioned that quite honestly it felt selfish to pray that a good thing happens to ME when so many others need a good thing to happen to them more. But there it is, that was what my heart was asking for in that moment. 

As I wrapped up with the group, my eyes rested on a book of poetry on my desk. A fellow Instagram friend mentioned this book a couple weeks ago and I impulsively bought it on Amazon. It’s a book of poems called The Gift by the 13th century Sufi poet Hafiz. I’ve read his poems quoted in other works like Greg Boyle’s Tattoos on the Heart and wanted to read more of his translated works myself.

I read through a couple poems real quick (they are short but packed with meaning) as I investigated my new book and I came across this one. Right after I had prayed for one good thing, I read this:

You’re It

As a myriad things
Playing a game
Of tag

Has kissed you and said,
“You’re it –

I mean, you’re really IT!”

It does not matter 
What you believe or feel

For something wonderful,

Major-league Wonderful
Is someday going


As I watch people mourn the loss of great people who have seemed to be tagged as “it” in this world for one reason or another, I feel the essence of this poem today. How is God tagging me, tagging you and saying “Stop waiting for something good! Someone else to show you the good! You are the good! And you are IT!”

My prayer for us this morning is that we can feel the truth of the words “You are the something good” and may the wisdom of God give us all we need to show up and be IT.

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