Daily Step – Less worry, more faith


I don’t know about you but I hate the unexpected hiccup on a Monday morning.

Yesterday as my husband and I scrambled around to get all five of us out the door, he discovered that one of my oldest’s hearing aids would not work.

My overreaction to such a thing definitely has tempered since the pace of life is still quite a bit slower than last year. Still, it was an unexpected hiccup to my son’s day and mine.

And I hate those.

I might have had all the feelings in that moment – the worry of a hard of hearing kid navigating a day (or more) in a sea of masks without the tools he relies on; the worry that maybe the doctor couldn’t fit me in or couldn’t fix it easily (last time it had to be sent away for days); and the selfish worry of how this could disrupt my carefully constructed day.

Looking back now, I can see how smoothly it all ended up unfolding. The audiologist let me come right away. The fix was simple – a busted speaker. It was back in his ear in less than two hours and all was just fine.

Today we celebrate Our Lady of Sorrows in the Catholic Church. This is a feast for Mary who was both sorrowful and powerful at the foot of the cross. I’m sure she worried a lot as a mom. Scripture doesn’t say that but I can’t imagine she could have avoided that feeling completely. But she also had tremendous faith reminding her to look forward, even standing at the foot of the cross.

This morning I’m praying for a little less worry and a whole lot more faith. May Our Lady of Sorrows give us the ability to find power and strength in both the major and the minor unexpected events of our day.

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