Daily Step – Have we forgotten?


Yesterday, an adventure involving robin’s eggs and dinosaurs went on behind me as I worked.

As we wait for the boys school to start up, my husband and I are rotating care of our boys. Yesterday, I had the afternoon shift. As I settled in at my computer after lunch, my oldest son entertained himself with his iPad. My younger twins, however, suddenly wanted to be right next to me. 

They begged me to get out the playdoh. So I took out the bucket of playdoh and tools and laid down some paper. As I worked, they went to town making animals of every sort.

Occasionally, I would call over my shoulder “stay on the paper!” instinctively knowing they already weren’t.

Then, just as I got on a roll, they both launched into creating an elaborate fairy tale world with the figures they had created. They had dinosaurs crashing to earth to grab a mama birds eggs. They spoke in frightened voices for the eggs and a protective one for the mama as she called out to rescue her little ones from destruction.

It was profoundly… distracting! 

And kinda cute.

And sorta easy to get swept along into their world despite myself.

We have started to be active again. All of us in some way or another. Summer is over and the chaos of the Fall has begun – though it looks quite a bit different than last year.

But still I wonder… have we forgotten already? Have we lost what we gained during the time when the world slowed to a stop and we got swept up in our families and our children and our wild imaginations of what the world could be?

So my prayer this morning is for God to gift us with a little figurative playdoh. May we see with the eyes of the One who knows that anything is possible. And may we begin to make the dreams we once imagined come alive. 

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