Daily Step – There is always something.


“There is always always something to be thankful for.”

I bought this sign a few years ago to dress up the siding in our backyard that even now needs replacing (it’s on the list but further down since I tore up our floor). I love that it says “always” twice – it’s like the sign maker knew I’d need the emphasis of the repetition some days.

Like most decor in a house, it soon faded into the background for me. I stopped noticing what it said. I think my husband used it to hold up a bright orange cord to a bug zapper for a time – but even with the added color I barely looked at it.

Then, yesterday I took this photo.⠀

While they were swimming in the pool, my oldest asked me for a towel to wipe his eyes. So, I gave him one. And then I heard a second kid at the door saying “No fair he gets a towel!” So, sighing, I handed out another. Soon all three had towels to “wipe their eyes.” ⠀

And five minutes later – there was this.

“What are you doing?” I asked through the door. “Using our towels,” they said matter-of-factly. Guess I’ve been using towels wrong this whole time. “Yea mommy, they are so much fun!”

The towels became their wings spread out wide as they floated on their backs in the pool. They transitioned to ropes for tug of war and were also used to elevate the size of the splashes they directed at each other. Three simple, yet magical towels made for quite the afternoon.

As I look at this photo this morning, a list of things that must happen today already brewing in my head, I finally noticed the sign. Nailed to the fading paint of the old siding, it suddenly stood out like an important message over their heads. “Remember Gretchen,” it said, “There is always always something to be thankful for.”

So my prayer this morning is that our eyes and hearts are open to gratitude today. May we see the joy in spite of the mess, the hope in spite of the fear.

What can you be thankful for today?

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