Daily Step – Piece by Piece.


My husband has been redoing our garage for the last six months.

We moved in five years ago to a house with a lot of issues. Most of which are still on our wish list to fix. The garage was one of the big ones that we have honestly ignored for a long time because well… Out of sight. Out of mind.

The front wall had pieces of sheetrock missing and some random hard foam stuff coming out of a hole near the door – apparently some weird insulation foam that had exploded out a hole and just hung there to rest for years. The sheetrock on the ceiling was bowed in so many places it looked like the ceiling was doing the wave. Sheetrock tape hung down sporadically mixing in with a couple lights only partially attached. It was… a mess. 

I saw the mess everyday but only for an instant before I shut the garage door and moved on inside. 

Over the last six months, I’ve watched my husband go out to the garage a little each weekend and repair it – piece by careful piece. To me, it seemed like the slowest process ever. I was anxious to just snap my fingers and get it all done so we could move on to a few more projects on the never ending list. “Why does this project have to happen now before the others?” I know I asked him more times than I can count.

His response was always to remind me that it need the most attention and was the cornerstone for other changes in our house that couldn’t happen until that one was addressed.

Today my prayer is that God guide my heart and yours towards the work that demands the most attention in our hearts and in our world. And that God grace us with all we need to work diligently for change, piece by piece, for as long as it takes.

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