Daily Step – We need to be God’s heart in the world.


There are moments where I glimpse the most incredible heart in each of my boys…

That is when they aren’t punching or tackling each other or screaming “I don’t want to be your friend” in each other’s faces.

Let’s just say, they’ve had a LOT of togetherness lately.

In fact, the twins latest insult to each other when they are at the height of disagreement is to say “You know what, brother, I just don’t love you anymore.” They are five and I know they are testing out the waters, trying to see what lands when they are frustrated in a house that feels a little smaller each day. (And yes I correct them)

But that comment? That one breaks my heart.

I want them to love each other and extend that love out into the world. I want them to remember that every. single. human being is created in the image and likeness of God. I want them to see and honor the dignity of those around them. I want them to know that words hurt. And I want them to be able to recognize the damage we have done in this world by acting on the words “Brother, I just don’t love YOU anymore.”

I want them to be God’s heart in the world.
So I guess I better get started showing them how.

I found this prayer on Xavier University’s prayer index that spoke to my heart today and I hope it speaks to yours:

“Where there is fear I can allay,
Where there is pain I can heal,
Where there are wounds I can bind,
And hunger I can fill:
Lord, grant me courage,
Lord, grant me strength,
Grant me compassion
That I may be your heart today.

Where there is hate I can confront,
Where there are yokes I can release,
Where there are captives I can free
And anger I can appease:
Lord, grant me courage,
Lord, grant me strength,
Grant me compassion
That I may be your heart today.

When comes the day I dread
To see our broken world,
Protect me from myself grown cold
That your people I may behold.
And when I’ve done all that I could,
Yet, there are hearts I cannot move,
Lord, give me hope,
That I may be your heart today.”
(Fr. Manoling Francisco, SJ)

Let us be God’s heart today… it’s about time, don’t you think?

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