Sunday Stride – Pancakes and the Ascension


I have convinced myself I can’t do certain things.

For example, I can’t make pancakes. I’m 100% terrible at it. I mix up the batter well and heat up the pan correctly, I think. But then, once the batter is in the pan – all hell breaks lose. The pancakes go from beautiful circles into weird oblong shapes. And then, I inevitably start to worry that I’m going to burn them, so I turn them over too soon. Since they are still half raw, the weird oblong shape turns into some new abstract shape they dont have a name for yet in geometry. I then try to push parts of the congealed mess together while exercising a little more patience on the second side. This usually means that side will turn charred black while the other side is still slightly raw. Eventually by the 10th one, I get the hang of it… but by then who wants to eat pancakes 1-9?

So, I find it easier to say: “You know what. I’m gonna to protect creation here and not waste batter or try to convince children that enough syrup will make mommy’s pancakes edible…. I’m just going to leave all pancake making (and sushi making, barbecuing, house repair) to my husband! Problem solved!”

I mean when you can pass the buck…

I wonder if the apostles were feeling a little of this while Jesus was alive too? I can imagine them saying: “He’s here, so when things get challenging or people need wisdom, let’s just look to Him for that.” As well they should have – He was the Son of God after all.

But this week in the readings He says “It’s officially your turn. I’ll be around, but I’m not going to be able to be my own physical hands and feet anymore.”

We are the physical signs of Christ’s presence on earth. You and me. We can’t just pass the buck on this one. We just have to go all in and probably make some pretty nasty looking pancakes in the process. It’s okay! Christ isn’t looking for perfection – He’s looking for you, just as you are, just as God created you to be.

He needs you to get out there and embrace the person He has called you to be. It’s time.
He has shown you the way.

(But honey don’t think this means I’m gonna start making pancakes again – it was just an analogy!)

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