Daily Step – Just Five Minutes Please!


I am crossing my fingers right now for just a few more moments of solitude.

Any moment now someone is gonna wake up and need something… probably food. My brief morning solitude was already almost spoiled by the very late arrival of the tooth fairy who wasn’t as stealthy as she should have been.

That fairy and I need to talk!

I was actually having a little pity party yesterday for myself because I realized just how long it had been since I was able to leave the house and forage the aisles of the grocery store alone with Starbucks in my hands. I used to relish those quiet Saturday mornings. They were just one of many moments that gave me strength and renewed energy each week.

So yesterday after listening to my youngest throw one too many tantrums (every time he recovered he went and knocked over his brother’s “camp out” again and got right back in trouble)… I lamented my loss of solitude.

I lamented MY loss.

But I never thought about theirs. That is until I looked out my window and saw this. My very extroverted child who just couldn’t stay away from his brother all day… taking a few precious moments alone on the back porch.

He seemed to be having a conversation with himself or perhaps even God. He was only out there for a couple minutes before his brothers disturbed his quiet. But it seemed to renew and refresh him.

He reminded me that solitude, renewal, and prayer are possible – even if just for a minute while taking a deep breath and resting in the sun.

My friend Becky Eldredge had a book come out yesterday called The Inner Chapel. In her book, she says: “We each have an inner chapel, a space within us where God resides. This means that at any point in our day we have a sacred space where we can pause for prayer. It’s a space where only you and God have access.”

She goes on to share the good news – that we can go to our inner chapels even in the craziest, most chaotic times in our lives…. and meet God there, waiting for us.

So my prayer for you today is that you find a moment to rest in the sun and let God remind you that you are deeply loved.

And they are up. Moment over.

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