Daily Step – Finding Meaning


Small steps can have big meaning.

On the way to church, I usually have a talk with my boys that starts with “What does being good in church mean?” At least one can always repeat “Not talking, listening to mommy, and being a good brother.” I know going to mass is about so much more, and they are starting to know that too. However, these boys who wrestle 24-7 need SOME gentle reminders… okay lots of them.

This time, however, I decided to also tell them a little about the #Three Kings. When I finished, one of them asked “Mommy, was Herod a “bad guy”?” I thought about their childish definitions of “good guy” and “bad guy” and said “Well, his choices would definitely put him in your bad guy category.” They all nodded and one replied “Oh I get it! He’s like Pascal.” I was confused wondering if they knew something about a famous mathematician and theologian that I didn’t. “Yea, he’s the bad guy on Super Rangers that wants to get rid of all the Rangers.”

Oh. Sure. Whatever works.

This seemed like such a small step, taking time to explain the Gospel and the Feast on the way to church. But I think it mattered.

I couldn’t actually tell if they were listening to the readings or the music until the end of mass when my oldest son’s favorite song started. As bars of “Go Tell it On the Mountain” began I saw the smile start to creep onto his face. His brothers confirmed for everyone near by that it was, in fact, “Go Tell it On the Mountain” in case they hadn’t noticed. Small step.

During mass, one of my twins leaned over and said “Mommy, please call mema and papa on the way home. I have to tell them something.” And in the car, when he heard their voice on the line he said “I love you.”

Small step. Big meaning.

To quote the real Pascal, “We are generally the better persuaded by the reasons we discover ourselves than by those given to us by others.”⠀

What’s your small step that will help you discover big meaning today?

[Starting tomorrow, I’ll be featuring guest posts on Tues/Thurs around this small step idea. You can also check out @loyolapress ‘s #dotmagis blog for posts on “Small Steps for a Big Year” this month]

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