Daily Step – the Grace of Courage


Sometimes TVs get broken – and the grace I need is patience with the culprits.

Yesterday, we were enjoying not doing anything. At one point, the boys were watching cartoons, I was watching the #MarvelousMrsMaisel (so addicted now), and my husband was playing video games. It was quiet and peaceful.

Should’ve been my first hint something was up.⠀

At some point, my oldest came to my husband and said he had to “show him something.” A minute later, my husband was calling for me to come see. There was no way this was gonna be good.

Apparently, despite warnings about outside toys vs inside toys and knowledge from prior experience, the twins had shot plastic arrows at the TV causing a strip of colors to form down the left hand side.

The second TV in 6 months.

This morning, my oldest was trying to explain to me what they must have been thinking. “Mom, I think they believed there was a magic shield protecting the TV and that’s why they shot arrows at it.” Reasonable, right?

These little guys are the best of friends. They share everything down to their DNA. And they are so creative that sometimes I think they forget the line between fantasy and reality. Or maybe they are still unequivocally brave. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself today.

Because honestly wouldn’t it be nice sometimes to reclaim that creative imagination and bravery of a four year old? To feel invincible and ready to explore?

#StIgnatiusofLoyola tells us “God’s love calls us to move beyond fear. We ask God for the courage to abandon ourselves unreservedly, so that we might be molded by God’s grace, even as we cannot see where that path may lead us.”

So perhaps the grace I need today is #patience but maybe it is also a little #courage and abandon to be open to the #grace God wants to bestow on my year.

What grace do you need today?

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