Daily Step – Today, believe that you have worth.


Love gives worth to all things…

Even a torn up, ratty blanket.

Ever since my oldest was two, he has held on tight to a blanket he lovingly calls “bb”.

He held onto it so tight for some of those years, in fact, that it frayed, and my husband had to replace an entire panel on it several years ago.

It has since frayed again. The poor thing is falling apart at the seams. He no longer drags it around with him wherever he goes, but it still has a place in his room… and in his heart. I think it always will.

No matter how worn or ratty it becomes, that blanket has worth. 

It has worth because it carries an incredible amount of love from one little boy.

Sometimes I forget that the worth of something is not dependent on how beautiful it is or how much it costs or how popular it is with the wider public. 

The worth of something comes from how much it is cherished.

How much it is loved.

Is the same true for us as well?

Is our worth is dependent on how much we are cherished and loved?

If that is true, then rest assured – we have tremendous worth. 

Because we are cherished and loved completely by God…

No matter what about this life wears us down, God will always have a special place for us.

We will always be worthy.

We will always be loved.

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