Daily Step – It’s best when it’s a surge.


How do you show up in prayer?

Sometimes I show up dressed to the nines, makeup on, heels on my feet, ready to impress.

But… I think God sees right through that.

Sometimes I show up with coffee stains and mismatched socks, ready to let God know exactly what I think.

And that… that’s when God stops and listens.

“Prayer is a surge of the heart”, as St. Therese notes.

But what is a “surge”?

A quick google search brings up this definition: “a sudden powerful forward or upward movement, especially by a crowd or by a natural force such as the waves or tide.”

Prayer is a surge –  a sudden POWERFUL and yet natural movement when all our deepest emotions lay bare before the one who loves us NO MATTER WHAT.

When it’s a surge – that’s when prayer is most honest.

That’s when God can finally meet us in our truth, exactly where we are and sit for as long as it takes the surge to run it’s course….

… all the while saying: “Thank you, child, for showing up and being my friend.”

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