Daily Step – I LOVE grades, don’t you?


Do you ever wonder if God judges the quality of your prayer?

I’m a grade-oriented person, so sometimes I think grades on a whole bunch of normal life tasks would be good to let me know I’m on the right track… especially prayer!

But God doesn’t deal in grades.

So why do I insist on grading myself?

My latest poem scribbled down about prayer, God, and that A+ grace. Let me know if it resonates with you today.


I love As,
(A+s are better though).

It gives me
GREAT satisfaction
to see
that particular letter
in bright red
at the top
of my most 
earnest work. 

In fact,
I think
I’d like an A
for my 
most recent 
prayers, God.


Because they
might just be
my most
earnest ones yet. 

You don’t 
deal in As, 
do You?

That’s good, 
I guess.

Because with every A
comes the 
distinct possibility
of a D…
or even 
a big FAT F.

So, I take
it back, God. 

Please don’t
start grading me.

keep offering 
that A+ grace
that only
You can give.

And maybe
through your example
I’ll put away
the red pen
and offer
a little grace

Maybe I’ll even
start showing up
as I am:
all the letters
rolled up
in one
broken and messy, 
yet beautifully created
and carefully chosen

©2022, Gretchen Crowder

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