Daily Step – The miracle contained in the harvest moon.


There was a harvest moon the other night.

I only know that because my oldest son came home so excited to talk about it.

He’s learning how to do his first real research project on constellations and the stars. In his class, they are talking all about space as each child works on their projects – a perfect opportunity to learn about the harvest moon right on the very day he could also see it shining bright up in the sky.

He went out eagerly once the sky was dark to see it with his dad. Then, the next day when it was still so clearly visible in the early morning sky, he had his brothers go out to see it too. “Look, that moon is the harvest moon. It’s by far the best moon, my teacher said.”

It was a beautiful moment.

A grace-filled moment.

I can’t remember the last time my son came home and told us excitedly about something he was learning about in school. 

Last year was incredibly rough. Among the challenges of masks and plexiglas and being deaf in a hearing world and having dyslexia and ADHD, we stopped having these moments… the moments where the whole family could run outside and look up at the sky and marvel at the incredible work of God at the direction of a child who has always had a incredible appreciation for the natural world.

Of course, I wasn’t looking up to marvel at God’s work at that particular moment. 

Instead I was looking right at my son and seeing that sparkle begin to shine once again in his beautiful eyes.

This morning I feel it very important to say to all who need to hear it – don’t lose hope.

God is always working on something… working on us, working on those around us. 

It takes time. Sometimes a lot of time.

It takes faith and very difficult decisions sometimes.

And we aren’t there yet, you might not be either. 

But God is at work. I saw the evidence right there in a little boy staring up at fading light of the harvest moon. 

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