Daily Step – It’s the end of something…


It’s the end of the school year….

And honestly this is never my favorite time.

I know this has been a weird, challenging year for all… There have been heartaches and stress and don’t get me wrong, in so many ways, I was ready for it to end. 

But there was so much beauty as well. So many priceless moments.

As a teacher, there’s an odd feeling when the students finally exit the building… when the halls get quiet… when the seniors graduate and the rest set off for summer adventures.

As a mom, there’s also an odd feeling when the workbooks and journals start coming home… when the cubbies get cleaned out… when the uniforms get boxed away for a few months or forever if it’s your last year somewhere… when the kids say goodbye to the teachers that have held them close all year…

This odd feeling is a mix of many things – a little sadness, a little nervous anticipation for what lies ahead, a little bit of the exhaustion of the year finally hitting all at once.

That’s why I love this simple quote from Fred Rogers that says: “Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.”

My prayer this morning is in gratitude for the year that past and in hope for something even more beautiful ahead.

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