Daily Step – Who is a hidden hero of faith for you?


Who is a hidden hero of faith for you?

This was the prompt I was given for this month’s Dotmagis blog post. Who I would write about actually popped into my head quite easily. But then I dismissed it and began to think of other possibilities. I mean I’ve definitely had some pretty good influences on my faith over the past 40 years. I wondered and agonized about this post for a few weeks before realizing that this particular hero just wouldn’t let me go. 

In their own unique ways, all three of my kids are heroes to me. It seems kinda of odd to name little kids as heroes, but the way they navigate the world never fails to teach me something new about faith.

I had to write about one, however, so I wrote about my oldest. If anyone has followed my writing for awhile, you might already know how much he has taught me over the past 8 years.

One of the most profound things he has shown me, however, is how much all kids who have learning differences and/or hearing loss should inspire and move us. They should inspire us to look beyond the myopic views of our own experiences. They should inspire us to believe that intelligence comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. And they should move us – they should move us towards a world where not just one way to learn, to grow, to see the world is honored and celebrated.

My prayer today is for any kid for any reason who has ever felt different, especially in the classroom. I pray they know that they are, in fact, real heroes who can inspire great faith.

Go on over to the Ignatian Spirituality #dotmagis blog and read my piece today. Let me know what you think and who your hidden hero of faith is – I’d love to hear your story!

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