Daily Step – A Saint Like Me?


Today is the Feast of all Saints of the Society of Jesus.

It’s a celebration for all of us who work with the Jesuits and especially for the Jesuits themselves. 

As I considered this day and last Sunday’s Feast of All Saints, it reminded me of my quest to find a Saint for my son’s first All Saints Day parade that was deaf like him. At the time, I didn’t find one. Later, when Meg Hunter-Kilmer gave me a list of names, I found a few. Of course, none of them wore hearing aids exactly like my son (obviously, most saints predate modern hearing aids) and most of them had a lot of unknowns about their stories. Still, they were there if I looked for them.

Today, over Into The Deep, I talk about the importance of seeing yourself represented in the saints as well as having accurate representations of who saints were in all their complexity. 

Do me a favor? Hop on over to here and check it out. At the bottom of the article, I give some resources including links to find out more about the wonderful saints of the Society of Jesus.

And happy Feast to all Jesuits!

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