Daily Step – What can you put down today?


It has been a crazy week.

That’s kinda a funny line to start with in 2020. Funny because it could literally be true every week since the clock struck midnight almost 9 months ago.

But still I find myself writing those words this morning as I eat my breakfast in the quiet, darkened living room trying carefully not to wake the rest of my family.

These are the hours I love each day. I get up at 4:15 AM since school started and my husband probably agrees with you that seems crazy early. But if I get myself out of bed at that hour, I can find time and room to exercise, get dressed, and eat in peaceful silence.

It’s both relaxing and centering.

And as a person who leans towards introversion, I’d almost say its vital for my sanity.

This time, these couple hours in the darkness of early morning helps my brain find solid ground and my heart find renewed hope.

That is as long as I remember not to click on any app that will bring me sailing back into the world.

Today is the Feast of St Augustine, and I came across this quote late last night while I was deep into the world on social media. My heart was heavy and my brain was firing too much to sleep as it often does by the end of my days. A stark contrast to my mornings.

The quote said “God is always trying to give good things to us, but our hands are too full to receive them.”

At the moment I read these words I felt the truth of them in the weight of the phone in my hands.

So this morning as I sit in the quiet, I find myself asking the question: “What can I put down today or this weekend to make room for the treasure God wishes to hand me?”

What can you put down? What can you release so God can fill your arms with light and hope?

I pray God reveals that to you today.

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