Daily Step – Imperfect but hopeful


Along the journey towards the greater, there are many small, daily steps to better understand oneself, God, and others. This is one of my “daily steps”.

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Sometimes preparing to go to Sunday mass stresses me out.

I think this might be a true statement for all #parents at some point in their journey. Kids are messy and unpredictable after all.

I remember one Sunday when I was a little girl, I had been trusted to get myself ready for mass. I, however, kept playing just a little longer, until I heard my parents call that it was time to leave for mass and I had to frantically try and get dressed. I couldn’t find a complete pair of shoes… any of them. Except one old dirty pair of keds that I vaguely remember having no laces. I finally went downstairs and told my parents. We were already gonna be late because of me, so they took me as I was.

As we all got out of the car quickly to try and get into church before the opening song ended, I stepped in what I can only describe as the largest wad of blue gum ever. I don’t recall what my parents reaction was but I can imagine as a parent now how frustrated I would be (especially since my son and I had a similar shoe finding incident just this morning).

So sometimes preparing to go to mass stresses me out. And I think that’s probably because I forget that #perfection is not what #God wants from me. That is not the point.

My dirty keds with gum on the heel are nothing compared to what I describe from my own boys in today’s #dotmagis post for @loyolapress ‘s ignatianspirituality.com called “Imperfect but Hopeful.”

I quote #jeanvanier in the article as well, but here’s another great quote from him: “Weakness, recognized, accepted, and offered, is at the heart of belonging, so it is at the heart of communion with another.”

From my article: “My prayer for all of us this holiday season is that we may walk together—as our imperfect human selves—moving ever forward in hope.”

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