Wonder and Faith


“Faith is not fearful of reason.” —Pope Francis, in On Faith

Every morning, I walk my son through the hallway of my school on his way to kindergarten next door. And often somewhere along the journey, he discovers a new machine that fascinates him. One morning, it was the printer. “Mom, what’s this white machine?” he asked. “A printer,” I replied. He went on to ask me about every piece of the printer, from the paper tray to the spot where the paper leaves the machine after printing. Finally, satisfied he understood the machine in all its glory, he had me print something. The paper came out with his name on it, and he stared at the sheet with excitement and wonder. “Mommy, mommy…how’d it know my name?” We have since repeated this questioning process with several other machines, from the ATM to the elevator. Each time he comes across something new, he asks a series of questions, and then suddenly, he is satisfied just to stare in wonder at the machine at work.

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